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Vivere Properties offers a wide range of rental properties in Dubai. We include prime locations such as Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Palm Jumeirah. Whether you are looking for a villa for rent in Dubai, a luxurious penthouse with sea views, or a studio apartment with a Burj Khalifa view, Vivere has it all.

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How it works?

Contact Vivere Properties

We advise expats or investors to contact our real estate agents in Dubai for property search assistance. Our agents then will help you find a suitable property and take care of the necessary paperwork and contracts on your behalf.

Prepare the Documents

The next step is to prepare the required documents. The documents include an original passport, residence visa, a marriage certificate attested by the MOFA, a salary certificate or employee contract, and bank statements if needed.

Contract and Pay the Deposit

Before getting an apartment for rent in Dubai, you must need a rental contract called Ejari. After getting the Ejari, you can decide with your landlord the amount of deposit to be paid along with advance check payments.

Property Rental Options

You can choose a fully furnished, semi-furnished, or unfurnished apartment or villa for rent in Dubai. Our main goal is to advise tenants to choose the property that suits their needs and budget. Usually, property for rent in Dubai comes with chiller-free options, private pools, and a gym. Vivere Properties ensures the properties in the Emirate are well maintained before leasing!   

How much is rent in Dubai?

It depends on the type of property and if you are on short-term rentals or long-term rentals in Dubai. For high-end properties, studios for rent in Dubai start from 50,000 AED per year. One bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai usually starts from 100,000 AED to 170,000 AED per year. 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai starts from 100,000 to 500,000 AED per year. 3 BHK for rent in Dubai usually starts from 200,000 AED to 600,000 AED per year. 

Frequently asked Questions

Renting an apartment in Dubai can come with various costs, including: 

Security deposit is at 5%, agent fees can be usually between 2-5%, advance checks for rent,  Ejari fees are approximately between 170 to 250 AED. 

Other costs include utilities, maintenance fees, and parking fees. Additionally, some landlords may require advance payment for several months or a year in advance. It is important to carefully review the lease agreement before and understand all associated costs.  

Dubai Production City is considered the economical area for rent in Dubai. The rent approximately starts from 65,000 to 70,000 AED.   

To find the best property for rent in Dubai, contact Vivere Properties. Consider areas like JVC, Business Bay, or downtown. The buildings of these areas are near the metro and are considered a good location. Look for semi-furnished or fully upgraded apartments with a spacious layout.   

Yes, you can. You can find an apartment for short-term rental in Dubai in your preferred area.  

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