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Golden Visa for Property Investors

If you are a foreign investor and looking for investment options in Dubai, then it is the right time to do so. In Dubai, Property Investors are eligible to get long-term residency, such as a Golden visa for five years or 10 years. Dubai Golden Visa helps investors to grow their assets meanwhile securing residency in Dubai.

Are you looking for a golden visa in UAE through investment? Make sure to contact us. At Vivere Properties, we check the eligibility criteria and give tips on the right property investment to get a golden visa successfully.

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UAE Golden Visa Requirements for Real Estate Investors

To obtain a Golden Visa as an Investor, you must meet the eligibility criteria and fulfill other requirements, such as:

To buy a property worth AED 2M. If the applicant has multiple properties worth AED 2M, he is also eligible.

In order to proceed with the residence visa application, you need to submit account statements and an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the bank.

Your spouse can participate in one property. For that reason, a marriage certificate is required. It must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and legally translated to Arabic before the submission.

If the property is joint, the property share must also be equally distributed between both parties. If the shares are not equally distributed, then only the highest shareholder can apply for a golden visa.

If the applicant owns the property from any Emirate of UAE, submit a letter from the respective Land Department that mentions the value of the property is AED 2 million or more.

How to Apply for a Golden Visa in UAE?

The application process for obtaining a golden visa as an investor in the UAE is straightforward. Briefly discuss the steps to obtain a 2 or 10-year Dubai golden visa as an investor with the assistance of Vivere Properties.    

First, you must check your eligibility criteria.

If you're eligible, gather all your required documents.

The next step is to verify your documents with relevant government authorities.

Vivere Properties will help you submit your documents on your behalf.

After document submission. We can wait for the approval. Usually, approval takes from 72 hours to two working weeks.

After getting approval, you can pay the required fees to the relevant authorities.

If you are on any current residence visa, cancel it first and then submit your golden visa application.

What Documents are Required to Get a Golden Visa?

To obtain a 2-year or 10-year golden visa as a property investor in UAE, you need to submit the required documents. The documents may vary according to the type of investment. Below is the checklist for documents required when applying as a property investor.  

A clear passport copy with a validity of six months.

Statement of developer in case of off-plan property.

Studio photo (Emirates ID).

The title deed must be issued and state property value worth AED 2 million.

Scan copy of the entry stamp on the passport (if any).

Scan copy of the cancelled visa / tourist visa (if any).

Medical insurance from any company in the UAE.

Bank statements and NOC from the bank confirming minimum investment of AED 2M.

Golden Visa in Dubai: Costs

Golden visa cost depends upon the chosen process. At Vivere Properties, you can get a normal package or a VIP package. For VIP approval, the Dubai golden visa cost will be AED 15,300. Meanwhile, for the normal process, it will cost you around AED 13,300. The only difference between the normal and VIP process is that the VIP Service owner of the license does not need to go to Dubai land department or RERA for approval; our staff will handle it.   

Golden Visa UAE: Benefits

There are many benefits when it comes to securing a long-term residency visa in Dubai. Let’s discuss the most prominent benefits of having a golden visa in UAE:  

You can sponsor your family members including your spouse and your children.

You can enjoy a quality lifestyle, world-class infrastructure, and the best healthcare system.

You can easily open your bank account in any of the trusted banks in the UAE.

You can easily apply for a driving license. For most countries, you need to convert your home country's driving license.

You can travel to so many countries as a UAE resident without tourist visa requirements.

You can easily renew your UAE golden visa, by keeping up with the property investment.

Get Your Golden Visa with Vivere Properties!

Are you looking to secure your future with a Golden Visa? Vivere Properties helps in obtaining golden visas through the golden visa program in the UAE. With options for residence by investment, investors can secure a residence permit by securing a golden visa in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The Investor’s capital must not be less than the required amount set by the UAE government. The golden visa allows for a long-term residence visa in the UAE and is valid for up to 5 or 10 years. With our high success rate and personalized service, you can trust Vivere Properties to help you achieve your dream of international residency in the UAE. 

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Dina Lambarki receiving her 10-year golden visa from government of Dubai.

Frequently asked Questions

With VIP services, you can obtain a golden visa in 5 – 10 working days. Meanwhile, with the normal process, you can obtain your golden visa in 15 – 18 working days.

The Golden Visa UAE program is a residency scheme that allows individuals to obtain residency in the UAE by investing in property. 

To apply for a golden visa in the UAE as an investor, you need to invest in real estate in the country and fulfill the required investment criteria set by the UAE authorities. 

The required documents for a golden visa application in the UAE typically include proof of investment, a valid passport, and financial statements. 

The golden visa in the UAE is typically valid for 5 or 10 years. It depends on the investment amount and the terms set by the authorities in the UAE. 

The Dubai Land Department plays a key role in the Golden Visa application process by verifying property investments and ensuring compliance with the set regulations. 

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