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Home Renovation in Dubai

Home renovation in Dubai has become a popular trend among homeowners. We all know a home is more than just a building, it is a place where one finds comfort and peace. Turning an older house into a stylish and modern one is a bit challenging. It is because you need to decide the interior, the construction material, and the color schemes. Meanwhile, you also need to hire an interior designer and other contractors on your own.

What if you choose trusted companies offering villa renovation services in Dubai? Vivere Properties is in partnership with top renovation companies in Dubai. We offer the best home renovation services in Dubai, UAE. Our partners have skilled architects and interior designers who deliver quality results to meet your design expectations. 

If you are looking for any type of property renovation, we offer villa renovation, apartment renovation, and office renovation!

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How it Works?

Vivere Properties, in partnership with renovating companies in Dubai, primarily focuses on making the process not complicated. We work in three simple steps:

Get a Quote

The first step is to make a renovation plan and give you a cost estimate for renovation.

Get the Design

Your plan is now ready to be designed by our interior team according to your needs.

Renovate Your Property

After designing, the renovation process starts. When it is completed, you can enjoy your space.

Why Choose Us?

Looking to renovate your space in Dubai? Look no further than us – your trusted company with years of excellence in the industry. We offer:

Experts Review Team

Our dedicated team of renovation specialists bringing your vision to life.

Customized Solutions

Modern and customized solutions from concept to completion.

Open Communication

We offer customer-centric approach with fast turnaround times.

100% High Quality

Top-quality design, materials, and other services to meet your expectations.

Best Home Renovation Companies in Dubai

Vivere Properties along with real estate services, offers home renovation services in Dubai. We are now partnering with the best home renovation companies in Dubai. From small details to significant changes, we always cater to our clients with everything. If you feel your space is outdated, boring, or lacking enough space, then it is time for change. We will help you to remodel and redesign your property. What differentiates us from others in the market is choosing the right renovating company for our client’s needs. 

Contact us, share your design ideas, and redesign your space now!

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Frequently asked Questions

The average cost of home renovation services in Dubai varies. However, as an estimate for a 4BR-Villa, the cost starts from AED 70,000. It may increase and vary in area, design, and other additional costs.

Home renovations offer several advantages. It helps in increasing the property value. It also improves the standard of living spaces. Meanwhile, it can allow you to customize your space on your terms. 

Before initiating a renovation for your home, you must consider some factors. The factors include your budget, time limit, design preferences, and the reputation of your chosen renovation company in Dubai. 

Bathroom renovations in Dubai can significantly impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of a home, providing a fresh and modern look while increasing property value. 

Villa renovations are subject to local rules and regulations. It's important to work with a reputable renovation company that understands and complies with these guidelines. 

We offer services in Dubai and across the UAE.

In Dubai, trendy kitchen renovation styles include modern minimalism, luxury finishes, smart storage solutions, integrated appliances, and open-plan layouts.

Before you rent your apartment in Dubai, make sure it's in top condition, for properties in areas like Dubai Hills Estate or Jumeirah, where top homes are in demand. Consider a renovation project to enhance its appeal, with the help of a reputable home remodeling company.  

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